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Eat The Seasons: Fall edition

“Eating the seasons” is an important way to introduce food variety into your diet, but it also has many other benefits as well.  Foods that are in season taste better, they are less expensive than those grown out of season, they are more nutrient-dense, and they are better for the environment (that blueberry you love doesn’t have to be flown, shipped, and driven from far away so it has a lower carbon footprint).

As summer turns to fall, a whole new crop of foods are coming into season.  Here are FoodTherapyMD’s top 5 foods to add to your grocery list this fall.

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Plate of Mushrooms

Cancer-Proof Your Body with Food

Cancer is probably the most feared of all health conditions, and for good reason.  If you have not yourself had a cancer diagnosis or cancer scare, you likely have a family member or friend who has.  Although there are hundreds of different types of cancer which can effect any part of the body, all cancers require the same basic elements in order to form and grow:

  1. A weakened, ineffective host immune system
  2. A Blood supply

A weakened immune system allows for the initial mutation to occur, leading to the abnormal cells.  And not having strong immune function enables the abnormal, mutated cells to escape detection and destruction, thereby allowing the tumor to grow and spread.  Then once a tumor has dodged the immune system,  it needs to create and develop its own blood supply in order to acquire nutrients like glucose, oxygen, and hormones.  This is called angiogenesis and without it, the cancer will wither and die.

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