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Heart Health: All About the Endothelium

February shouldn’t be the only month we talk about heart health. There is no better place to start than getting “up close and personal” with the inner workings of the pump that keeps us going. This information is key because everyone should be aware of how the foods you eat affect your heart and your health. So let us begin with the ENDOTHELIUM. Most people have never heard of an endothelium, although if stretched out, it would be 50,000 miles long and weigh as much as your liver!

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6 Plants to Eat NOW for Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension, also called “the silent killer”, is the major predictor of cardiovascular disease and death in the Western world. Not only does it result in heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure, but is also the second leading cause of kidney failure (behind diabetes), and a major cause of blindness. And what is even more troubling is that there are no symptoms.

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