Plate of Mushrooms

Cancer-Proof Your Body with Food

Cancer is probably the most feared of all health conditions, and for good reason.  If you have not yourself had a cancer diagnosis or cancer scare, you likely have a family member or friend who has.  Although there are hundreds of different types of cancer which can effect any part of the body, all cancers require the same basic elements in order to form and grow:

  1. A weakened, ineffective host immune system
  2. A Blood supply

A weakened immune system allows for the initial mutation to occur, leading to the abnormal cells.  And not having strong immune function enables the abnormal, mutated cells to escape detection and destruction, thereby allowing the tumor to grow and spread.  Then once a tumor has dodged the immune system,  it needs to create and develop its own blood supply in order to acquire nutrients like glucose, oxygen, and hormones.  This is called angiogenesis and without it, the cancer will wither and die.

Your diet is one of, if not THE critical factor in cancer initiation, as well as cancer progression.  That is because cancers thrive in specific biochemical environments, and those environments are promoted by the consumption of meat, dairy, processed white flour, and processed sugars. But it’s not just about eliminating foods that promote cancer.  You have to feed your body with foods that possess anti-cancer activity like angiogenesis inhibition.  Here are my top foods to include in your diet to make your body cancer-proof:

Cruciferous vegetables like collard greens, kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower are the most powerful anticancer foods in existence.  When blended or juiced, (or even chewed really well) they are converted into ITCs (or isothiocyanates), which remove cancer causing agents and prevent angiogenesis.

Mushrooms are often overlooked as powerful disease preventing foods, but they contain unique chemical compounds that inhibit the growth of abnormal cells and tumor growth, and halt angiogenesis.  Mushrooms are also unique in the vegetable world because they contain natural aromatase inhibitors, which prevent estrogen from stimulating breast tissue, making them vital in breast cancer treatment.

Turmeric is an Indian spice that is one of the most widely studied food components for cancer treatment and prevention.  Curcumin is the phytochemical in turmeric that has  been found to not only have chemopreventive effects (meaning it prevents the initial triggering of mutations), but also prevents the growth of tumor cells once cancer is established.

Berries and their unprocessed juices contain a host of cancer-fighting phytochemical compounds, including those that halt and prevent tumor angiogenesis.

When you are choosing what to eat every day, remember that the way to prevent cancer or keep it from recurring, is to change your inner biochemical environment so that it is as inhospitable as possible to cancer and disease.  Overhaul your diet, and make your body a cancer-free zone. And if you need further help and guidance, contact us!