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“Second Opinion” Consult Services are available to individuals who are looking for a way to  obtain optimal health and longevity…. without more prescription drugs.  Our consults are designed to help you change your kitchen into a pharmacy by teaching you how to use  a Whole Food Plant Based diet, as well as specialized “Food Prescriptions” in order to maximize your health while preventing and reversing disease.  Don’t worry, Dr. Stacy has done the research for you, and endorses only evidence-based nutritional therapies.


*If you are interested in group or corporate consultations, please see the “Group” tab under the Consultations menu.

5 week Consultation Plan


  • 1 initial video conference
  • 4 weekly follow up visits
  • personalized food prescription
  • 1 week easy-to-follow menu
  • personalized juice and smoothie recipes

1 Hour Video Consultation


  • personalized food prescription with food recommendations
  • personalized juice and smoothie recipes

30 Minute Phone Consultation


  • personalized food recommendations
  • personalized juice and smoothie recommendations

20 Minute Individual Follow Ups


(only valid after the purchase of consultation plan)

  • includes follow-up notes and food recommendations

About Dr. Stacy

Dr. Stacy received her medical degree from UCLA school of medicine and spent nearly 2 decades practicing Internal Medicine. After starting FoodTherapyMD, Dr. Stacy was finally able to fulfill her passion for educating, empowering, and motivating others to take a more proactive role in their health by changing the way they eat. She truly believes that “Food Is Medicine”, and endorses whole food, plant-based diets for disease prevention and reversal. And just as pharmaceuticals are tailored to health conditions, your diet should have the same specificity. That is why she has spent years developing “Food Prescriptions” for her patients and clients.

The material on and its affiliated sites is for informational and educational purposes only. FoodTherapyMD strongly recommends that you consult your physician or health professional regarding your particular medical condition and before stopping or changing your treatment. By agreeing to the use of this site or the consultative services of FoodTherapyMD, you acknowledge that Dr. Stacy is not acting in the capacity of your physician or healthcare provider, and all services are for informational purposes only. All people are different, and results may vary.

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