Healthy Spring Detox Tips for Body, Soul, and Planet

Forget  the trashbags and chlorox bleach, this isn’t your mothers Spring Cleaning!

Spring is the natural period of rebirth! A great opportunity to declutter and refresh your home, but also the perfect opportunity to dive a bit deeper and give your body (and the planet) a chance to reboot.  Your body WANTS to heal itself.  And it will, if given the proper fuel and a nourishing environment. Most of us live our lives “clogged up and cluttered”.  We clog up our bodies with toxic foods and chemicals, we clog up our minds with stress and negative thoughts, and we even clog up our planet with waste and greenhouse gases. Here are our top tips on cleansing your body, rejuvenating your mind and spirit, and even helping out the planet while you’re at it. 


Putting the breaks on animal products (including dairy) has a remarkable effect on the body. Animal products have a net inflammatory effect; impacting the heart, vessels, joints, and even your gut!  With less meat on your plate, there is more room for fresh vegetables and fruits, giving the body the healing boost it needs.  And let us not forget that animal agriculture is responsible for a significant portion of greenhouse gases and climate change, as much as 30% in many studies!  Not to mention water scarcity, deforestation, animal cruelty…. you get the picture.  Changing your plate can change the planet.


For most of us, walking is more of an afterthought and less of a mode of transportation. If you live within a mile or two of your destination, skip jumping in the car-  take a stroll, hop on a bike, or maybe even grab a skateboard. It’s a great way to slip in more exercise, and being outside breathing fresh air is good for your soul too! Of course, anything we can do to decrease carbon emissions is a win for the planet.


There’s no better way to deep cleanse your body than to ditch processed foods and sugars. Foods that are far removed from how they’re found in nature are devoid of nutrients.  Ever wondered why processed foods must be “fortified” with synthetic vitamins? Because all the good stuff, the natural phytonutrients, have been destroyed. Processed foods (including processed meats) are also loaded with chemicals and inflammatory substances, both of which are thought to be the root cause of chronic disease.  Opt for foods that are as close to nature as possible, meaning fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.  You will feel the difference immediately.


Everything is so rushed these days.  As soon as the alarm clock goes off, it’s a sprint to get off to work and tackle an ever growing to-do list.  Instead, try spending an extra 15 minutes in bed after the clock goes off.  Not going back to sleep, but practicing your mindfulness- listen to the sounds around you,  practice deep breathing, become more mentally and spiritually aware of your body and its processes.  This isn’t a time to form your list of things to accomplish for the day. It’s actually a way to start off the day relieving stress and tension. Stress raises cortisol levels and inflammatory mediators in the body– lowering your immune function and making you more susceptible to illness, especially heart disease. You’ll be amazed how just 15 minutes in the morning can change your outlook for the rest of day.


We can declutter our homes, but we can’t declutter the ocean or the islands of plastic that are afloat. Plastic is not only harmful to our planet, but to our bodies as well.  Drinks that are bottled in plastic contain chemicals such as BPA, benzene, and even arsenic.  These chemicals, and many others, disrupt our endocrine system and are potential carcinogens.  So take a pass on the bottled water, plastic straws, and plastic grocery bags. Start the season off with less household and planetary waste.

The above ways are simple steps anyone can take for a healthier, more mindful life, and although it’s called “Spring Cleaning”, you can always make restorative changes in your health, home, and the planet any time of the year.


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