Testimonial 1

“I clearly remember the day Dr. Stacy, the “best doctor I never had” saved my life and changed my life in more ways than one. I was born and raised in a southern family, so meat was a way of life and becoming a vegan was the last thing I was contemplating as a physical trainer. I frequently ran 10 miles every two weeks and worked out constantly, but I ate anything to celebrate. One visit to my primary physician for my normal checkup resulted in the following statement from my doctor, “you are in excellent shape but, you have high blood pressure”. I could not understand how I had high blood pressure, I have 5% body fat, it can’t be possible. I told him, look at me are you serious. He said, “Its generation and its low but you need to take medicine or change your diet”.

I did not think much of it and decided to take meds, once I integrated the medicine into my daily regiment, I did not feel myself. I could no longer swing on the swings with my daughter without getting dizzy, almost fainted on a ride at Disney world, vertigo was once a month and I felt fatigue when I tried to run or workout. My life felt like I was slowly slipping away, but then I talked to Dr. Stacy who created a special plan for me to walk away from the high blood pressure medicine but she said I had to change my diet to win the battle.

I was nervous at first because my mother, a respected nurse, told me for years, “if you get on high blood pressure medicine, it’s hard to get off”. She did not know Dr. Stacy, I followed Dr. Stacy’s directions and my blood pressure went down rapidly from 145 over 97 to consistently 129 over 75. On top of that, I am back on the swings and carousels with my daughter enjoying life. Now my siblings, parents and coworkers have become vegans and I share Dr. Stacy’s story and website with all of the people who want to regain their life prior to high blood pressure medicine. The best thing about Dr. Stacy is she cares about her clients, more than the dollar, and she knows her stuff. EACH PLAN SHE CREATES IS MADE SPECIFIC TO THE CLIENT SHE IS SERVING. Not many doctors understand the body and foods to feed the body like Dr. Stacy. I am forever in debt to Dr. Stacy and FoodTherapyMD.”

— Oumar Hill, MBA, CEO Utopia Health Center