Find out about the relationship between disease and chronic inflammation, plant-based nutrition, and how phytonutrients in plants can be tailored to your specific health requirements in order to reverse disease and live your best life.


Get your own “Food Prescription” and start your journey to true health and longevity without reliance on pharmaceuticals.


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Welcome to Food Therapy MD

At Food Therapy MD, we are all about the power of plants and the use of food as medicine. Modern medicine has failed because it treats symptoms but doesn’t address the underlying cause of disease.

Not only have plant foods been proven to prevent illness, but plants also contain thousands of compounds that have been shown to reverse disease. We believe that the growing dependency on pharmaceuticals to treat illness is not only ineffective but dangerous. Therefore, at Food Therapy MD, we promote evidence-based, plant-centric nutrition that makes true health and longevity possible for everyone.

At Food Therapy MD we are also passionate about the environment and believe that the health of your body is equally as important as the health of the planet. We recognize that animal agriculture plays a substantial role in global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, deforestation, and antibiotic resistance, as well as issues of animal welfare and cruelty. And that is why we stand strongly for our motto: CHANGE YOUR PLATE. CHANGE YOUR HEALTH. CHANGE THE PLANET.