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How To Pick The Best Juicer For You

At FoodTherapyMD, juicing is an important part of how we use food as medicine. But picking a juicer can be confusing….

Why You Should Avoid Ensure

“Nutritional” shakes such as Ensure and Boost have no place in a healthy diet, and are actually disease promoting. There are better, plant-based alternatives for those that need nutrients.

Don’t Blame It All on Your Genes!

First, let me address the issue of genetics and cardiovascular disease. Yes, there is certain genetic information that you inherent from your parents that can increase (or decrease) your chances of developing heart disease. But genes ALONE are not responsible for your illness.

Cancer Treatment and Your Diet

There are few things that have the ability to make my blood boil as much as witnessing the manner in which health professionals go about feeding their patients…

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