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Heart Health: All About the Endothelium

If you want a healthy heart, you need a healthy ENDOTHELIUM. The endothelium is the tissue that lines the inside of all the arteries and veins in the body, and is responsible for maintaining healthy blood pressure and preventing inflammation and clots in the arteries. The foods you eat are vital in keeping the endothelium, and therefore the heart, functioning properly.

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Eat The Seasons: Fall Edition

Eating the seasons is better for your health and the planet. Here are FoodTherapyMD’s 5 favorite foods that are in-season during the fall, and how you can use these phytonutrients to improve your health.

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6 Plants To Eat NOW For Lower Blood Pressure

The best treatments for high blood pressure aren’t necessarily found in the pharmacy. There are several plants that have been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, and you can easily add them to your daily dietary routine. Here are the top 6…

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7 Best Scientific Reasons to go Plant-Based

You may have been seeing on the internet and TV all the celebrities and athletes that have gone plant-based, or maybe you just left the doctor’s office with yet ANOTHER prescription and are feeling a bit frustrated. Or perhaps you got the call that a friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer and it’s causing you some stress. Whatever the reason, the idea of going plant-based is becoming more and more appealing, but some of you just aren’t quite there yet. Well here are FoodTherapyMD’s top 7 reasons to finally take the plant-based leap.

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Eat The Season! 6 Springtime Superfoods

“Eating the seasons”, is always optimal because foods that are in season taste better, have more nutrients, and are better for the environment. So when you are at the farmers market or local grocery store, keep these 6 springtime superfoods in mind. It will help you keep variety in your diet, and expose you to the health benefits of different plant phytonutrients. Happy eating!

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Heavy Metal Detoxification Diet: Hype or Help?

There is lots of information floating around on the web and social media about heavy metal toxicity and attributing everything from arthritis to cancer on its deleterious effects. But what does the science say? Are there actually legitimate things we can do and foods we can eat to help protect our bodies from toxic metal buildup? The answer is a resounding YES!

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